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Alphonsa Ashram, Parayanchery

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The landed property was bought on 26th July 2011 by the then Provincial Br. Scaria Kalloor with financial assistance from the German and Swiss Provinces. The construction was completed and blessed by Mar Remigios Inchananiyil and inaugurated by Br. Thomas Karingadayil on 7th March 2015. It functions as a small Ashram and Media Center.

Media house Calicut was started in the year 2008 by Brs Xavier Vadakkekkara and George Valiyapadath as a concern of the province under Ember Society. It aimed at promoting value education in our society. In 2017 Media house had to be restructured into a new company named Pavanatma Publishers pvt ltd. Pavanatma publishers un- der the brand name atma books has an extensive network of book supply in all the fourteen districts of Kerala.


60 book fairs including parish book fairs and secular ones were conducted in the last three years. Pavanatma publishers is registered as a private limited company having its office at St. Alphonsa Capuchin Ashram, Parayanchery, Kozhikode. 

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