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Shanthi Ashram, Kundayithodu


Kozhikode is the most important city in North Kerala. It is the entry point from South Kerala, both for Malabar and Wayanad. As there is no rail connection to Wayanad, the nearest point from where one can get the train is Kozhikode. Kannur and Kozhikode are connected by rail and road. It takes about three hours by bus to Kannur and to Wayanad from Kozhikode. Hence, although Kozhikode is not geographically the centre of North Kerala, it is cen- tral to North Kerala from the point of view of travel by road, rail, and air, civil administration, economy and culture.

After a long search for a plot of land for an Ashram in or near Kozhikode, we found a plot of 94.6 cents, with a house and a hall, 8 km.away from Kozhikode Railway Station, and adjacent to National Highway. The negotiations were done by Br. Stephen Jairaj Koonthamattam, the then Vicar Provincial. The land was registered on 16th October 2001.


Mar Paul Chitilappilly, Bishop ofThamarassery, requested us to accept the responsibility of a parish attached to our Ashram. With some repairs and alterations, Br. Sebastian Thottunkal took up residence in the old house. The house was blessed on 5th July 2002 by Br. Thomas Jacob Thekkumkattil, Provincial Minister. The existing hall was repaired for the temporary use of a parish church and it was blessed by Mar Paul Chittilappilly Bishop of Thamarassery on 21st August 2002. A new ashram building was constructed under the supervision of Br. Sebastian Thottunkal and it was blessed by the then Provincial, Br. Thomas Jacob Thekkumkattil on 8 January 2005. With the permission of Br. Provincial and that of Mar Paul Chittilappilly, CAPS + DASS Trust started Shanthi Ashram, a Home for the destitute men and St. Francis School in the year 2002.

Permission from the Corporation of Kozhikode for a new church was obtained and the necessary funds for its construction were already collected from various funding agencies by Br. Stephen Jairaj. The church was completed and blessed on 30th April 2011.

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