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About Us

The property at Sevasadan was originally donated to the Capuchin Order by the Archdiocese of Kottayam in perpetuum, since we had taken over the responsibility for Prathyasa Bhavan and Amala Bhavan, Homes for the Poor. It was part of the agreement between the Archdiocese and St. Joseph Province. There was already a small house in it. The house was further built and expanded for our use at the expense of the archdiocese in the year 1997. Br. Stephen Jairaj was appointed Director of the Homes for the poor and started to reside in the house on 9th September 1997. It was named Sevasram and was blessed on 11th March 1998 by Mar Kuriakose Kunncherry, the Bishop of Kottayam.

We handed over the house and property to Krist Jyothi General Vice Province with the understanding that Br. General will provide a substitute house and property for Pavanatma Province at Melechovva. The General Vice Province named it Sevasadan. However, it was not realized even after quite a few years. So the house with the property was returned to Pavanatma Province after some years. From 2012 onwards it continues as an Ashram of the Province with the existing name Sevasadan.


Br. Vipin Valiyanirappel

Br. Joseph Chalissery 
(Vicar & Economo)


Br. Sunny Thottappally

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