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Calvary Ashram

Calvary Ashram,  
Kozhikode Dt
673 580


About Us

The landed property measuring 4.4875 Acre was bought on 28-12-2018 by the then Provincial, Br. Thomas Karingadayil with partial help from the Calvary Province, U. S. A. The Provincial Chapter 2019 decided to name it Calvary Ashram in memory of the financial help given by Calvary Province, to buy the plot of land. After the Chapter, Br. Biju Joseph was given the charge of Calvary Ashram. The Provincial Council decided to sell 1. 5 acre of the property to CAPS+DASS Trust to construct Shanthi Bhavan, Home for the poor in it. The remaining 3.4875 acres is expected to become Calvary Ashram at Nellipoil.


Br. Jojo Manimal

Br. Joby Vattamala
(Economo & Vicar )

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